Infographic Timeline Design – What can it portray?

The use of an advanced Infographic timeline design can portray a number of things, usually based on showing the development of an entity. This can be the change in a developing child, a plant, or a series of images that show the development of a piece of technology over a period, such as the various generations of iPhones. Infographic timeline design will clearly be adaptable to each point, as the colour scheme is obviously a changing element whilst the size of images will fluctuate depending on the specification.

The use of an Infographic to show a change is again based on the comparison between one image and another and will often contain text. Most of the time this text will appear as a caption or a label to describe the image. However, this will of course depend on the Infographic timeline design.

Infographic Timeline Design – Is it popular?

Infographic timeline design can be seen in such a wide array of roles, its popularity could be questioned with its limitations being quite a bland and potentially plain way of presenting information, but it is definitely a popular method of presentation for education purposes or on posters where it may not be appropriate to have a lot of text. Having large blocks of text is unappealing to many, especially in the modern world of technology where attention spans appear to be decreasing!

The use of Infographic timeline design is seen regularly, but its more simplistic nature (in most cases) will restrict its popularity, although will still sometimes be seen in newspapers and magazines when showing a history of events in some form. When Infographic timeline design works well, it can provide a very clear imagery of how something developed or is developing, including a means for predictions by carrying on the timeline design.

Infographic Timeline Design