static infographics


We don’t need your brief to give you an instant quote, we need your brief to understand your need and to create your infographic.

You must provide the most thorough briefing possible so that we can understand your project and provide you fast execution.

A good briefing is vital, and it saves a huge amount of time. Our forms have been specially designed to list all the important points that need covering. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to conduct a briefing session over the phone or a video-conference.



  • We verify if the content you provide matches with the options you chosen

After reading your briefing, and going through any extra questions/answers if necessary, you will receive a “formal” estimate within a couple of hours (which is normally the confirmation of the price you got in the infographic calculator) , without any hidden fees.

These are based on:

  • The steps that need to be taken (whether information is provided or not, if script writing is necessary, whether or not there is a promotion to be done, etc.)
  • The number of visual concepts (for each infographic) and desired revisions, the amount of information that needs to be incorporated…
  • Different options (characters, 3D drawing etc.)

Once you confirm the estimate (online) and pay a 50 % advance (Paypal, wire transfer , credit cards) production begins immediately !

production infographics


  • Brainstorming , Idea & data TO visual concept(s) – Time (1 day/concept)

Options : 

  • Research of data – Time ( 1 day )
  • Script creation – Time ( 1 day )

We either search for or investigate your data, and then our team embarks on a brainstorming session. Following this creative phase, we turn your information into ideas, of which one or several of these become visual concepts that reflect the subject that they are representing. This brainstorming allows us to make the most of your information and express it in the best way possible (colours, layout, atmosphere, style, typography, etc.)

production infographics


  • From the visual theme(s) to the final INFOGRAPHIC(S)
  • Time ( 1 to 3 days/infographic )

Our talented designers launch themselves into the production of your infographic. With a precision and good taste, they transform the theme(s) and design(s) into something that is both seductive and informative. From this step, you can view your infographic via our collaborative platform as soon as our quality control team has validated them, considering the criteria of your briefing, technical standards and our quality standards.

production infographics


  • Your review with annotations on CAGE or FRAMEBENCH or INVISION
  • We make the revisions Time ( 1 to 3 days depending on YOUR speed )

Our collaborative tools (Invision, Cage, Framebench) allow you:

  1. To review and annotate precise changes to your infographic directly onto the image in real time.
  2. To chat with your project manager for a better understanding.
  3. To compare the various revisions of your project.

These tools are simultaneously effective, simple, easy to access (clouding) and above all FREE to the client (we provide you with an access code).

production infographics


  • Final approval – Time ( 1 hour )
  • Delivery
  • Billing

Once you have your superb static infographic, all that’s left to do is validate the design through our collaborative platform. Our team will provide you with your infographic(s) through hightail (an online sharing app) in web format (RGB 72 dpi) and print (CMYK 300 dpi) in a secured PDF file, or any other format, in less than 2 hours.
You are ready to download and release your infographic(s).

production infographics


  • Time (2 Days)

An option : We distribute your infographic(s) through a network of partner sites including:
YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook ,Twitter, behance…