We specialize in creating engaging and informative infographics & data visualisation projects, ecatalogs, brochures, presentations, rapport & explainers videos
for different clients ranging from agencies & PR to medias, brands or corporate.


We work for clients ranging from small- or mid-sized businesses to worldwide media companies or high-profile, multinational corporations. We are committed to serving the needs of clients of all sizes aptly and professionally.

Our headquarter is in Hong Kong part of oworkers.com, and our team in the Philippines (Manila) , we have also partners based in many parts of the world (Asia-Pacific, Europe, and USA). Our diverse make-up enables us to assign qualified professionals for each step of the design process based on our clients’ specific demands and requirements. With our great collaboration tools (Invision, Frame Beach, Cage), clients can review, comment on, and approve of their projects in a fast and efficient manner.


For project management, we tap into the talents and experience of only highly competent, senior professionals. They are a key part of why we are known for our exceptional service quality and consistent commitment to deadlines.

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Our 2 European directors have 20 years of experience in the design and offshore industries, giving them the ability to implement very scripted processes without compromising on creativity.

For pre-production work such as data collection and script and storyboard development, depending on our client’s project and needs we work in-house and collaborate with a network of partners close to the client for optimal communication and project outcomes. These networks include journalists, data research experts, storytellers, and other professionals.


We speak English and French.

Our core value is “performing the best-quality work in a short time frame.” We believe that every infographic incorporates these two elements.

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