Our “in house”  talents 



Chief Executive Officer

“It’s not what you look at what matters,
it’s what you see.”

In my role as the Chief Executive Officer, I oversee the teams to ensure they are delivering great results. I ensure that ProInfographics is always following the direction that we have tried to since the first day of incorporation.

15 years of experience in outsourcing



Chief Operating Officer

“Clients are the difference between
design and art.”

As COO, it is my goal to ensure that the day to day running of Pro Infographics is smooth. I oversee all the great members of staff you see on this page to ensure that our operation is flowing at all times.

13 years of experience in design industry

Jessica Willreckem


ART Director

“Good designers are praised for their technique, great ones for their impact.”

As the Art Director for Pro Infographics I oversee all jobs to ensure quality. Our designers are some of the best I have worked with, but it’s always important to ensure quality is at its highest at all times.

10 years experience as a art director

Jason Jacob


Your project manager

As the Pro Infographics Project Manager, it is my goal to make sure that from start to finish your project is in capable hands.



Graphic designer

Amanda and I take great pride in our work. Regardless of the role, we ensure that we understand specifications before starting the job.



Graphic designer

Anna and I work side by side to ensure that all graphic-design roles are completed in good time and to the highest of standards.



Motion Designer

Rikki and I understand each other perfectly. This is ideal, as we both know each other’s strengths, which means we can deliver the best results.



Motion Designer

Working close to Jason and Nella is important as a motion designer. We all get on great so never have any communication issues.



Data Research Expert

As a data research expert, I ensure that all the fine details of your infographic are correct.

Our Networks

Skilled professionals and specialist brands in New York, Bruxelles and hong kong for the script / story board / promotion process