Infographic – the beginning. An idea that took the Internet by storm

2013 saw an influx infographics, but the origin of the infographic dates back centuries. Here, we will explore more about the infographic and where it came from.

Infographics are not new, despite what some will say

Think about the work – info-graphic – graphics that contain information. Therefore, pie charts, line graphs and the like are all forms of the infographic. These examples have been around for years.

Infographics, as we know them, have been in the printing press for decades. Florence Nightingale drew up a visual graphic with text back in 1858. This is one of the first examples, and is proof that infographics are not new.

However, in 2013, infographics took the Internet by storm. Why? Well, that is mostly down to social media. Infographics, designed correctly, are interesting, so people want to share them. As this is the case, their popularity among businesses increased as companies saw the potential to promote their brand.

Infographic – how long will they stay around?

Infographics are by no means a new development. While social media platforms have made them popular, they date back centuries. In fact, the ‘modern’ infographic, an image heavy graphic with small amounts of text, can be traced to the mid 1800s.

Where do they go from here?
Infographics clearly have the staying power having been around for centuries. However, where do they go from here?

Well, interactive infographics have already started to become popular, but who really knows the next step when it comes to infographics. One thing is for sure, there is no way that infographics will fade into obscurity like other advertising/marketing methods.

The infographic is here to stay. Any professional infographic designer will tell you that the benefits of having a well designed one on your website far outweigh the initial cost of hiring a designer. In fact, most will pay for themselves several times over because of the number of times they will turn people from a potential customer to a client.

As this is the case, we can expect infographics to be around for centuries to come.