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  • SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT to get a quote ( 2 to 5 minutes by form)
  • Time to complete  (15 to 30 minutes by phone )

You must provide the most comprehensive briefing and/or script and/or storyboard possible so that we can provide you with a clear and precise estimate at a fair price.
A good briefing is vital, and it saves a huge amount of time. Our “get a quote” form has been specially designed to list all the important points that need covering. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to conduct a briefing session over the phone or a video-conference.



  • We send to you A QUOTE with different options & contract, You accept it or deny it
  • Time to complete ( 12 hours max after your submission )

After reading your briefing, and going through any extra questions/answers, you will receive a quote within 12 hours, without any hidden fees, and with several different tariff options. These are based on:

  • The steps that need to be taken (whether data is provided or not, if script writing is necessary, whether or not there is a promotion to be done, etc.)
  • The amount of shots, the length of the video, the complexity.
  • Different options (audio, voices, FX, 3D etc.)

Once you confirm the order and we receive a signed contract, production begins immediately.

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  • Research of data ( if needed “ option” ) – Time ( 1 day )
  • Creation of script – Time ( X days)
  • Creation of storyboard – Time ( X days)
  • Brainstorming , Idea & data TO Theme(s) – Time ( 1 day/theme)

In order to complete your animation, it is imperative that we have your briefing and storyboard in our possession. Don’t have these things? Don’t worry, our team and network can provide you with everything you need even if all you have is a simple idea, and no information, for your animation. Our pre-production services are: data research, script editing, storyboard creation, character design, voice casting, music and FX.

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PRE VALIDATION ( only if we make the storyboard)

  • Validation of the storyboard on cage or frame brench – Time ( X days )

Our team present you with the storyboard on our collaborative platform, which is revised and corrected in correspondence with your commercial, technical, and budgetary constraints, as well as and the brand identity.

You validate the storyboard.

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Our teams launch themselves into the production of your animation: specialist designers create the ‘atmosphere’ of your animation, animators breathe life into it, and editors make every effort to ensure that your animation is rhythmic, catchy and informative. You receive your video via our collaborative work platforms as soon as our quality control team approves the animation, which is based on: storyboard requirements, technical standards and strict quality standards.

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  • Your review with annotations on CAGE or FRAMEBENCH or INVISION: Visual elements, Music/Fx, Sequences.
  • We make the revisions Time ( 1 to 3 days depending on YOUR speed )

You wish to review certain elements of the animation. No problem, Proinfographics puts a collaborative working tool at your disposal, allowing you to:

  1. Comment and annotate changes directly on the video’s timeline
  2. Chat with your designer for a better understanding
  3. Compare different revisions of your project(s)

This tool is simultaneously effective, simple, easy to access (clouding) and above all, FREE!

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  • Final approval – Time ( 1 hour ) – Delivery – Billing

You have the animation of your dreams, all that’s left to do is validate it on our collaborative platform. Our team will then provide you with your video in H.264 format (mp4 AVC) in 1080 HD resolution, within 2 hours via Filecamp. We can also convert your video into various formats (options: MKV, WMV, FLV, AVI, Divx, MOV, F4V, swf, asf, 3G2 WebM).

You are ready to release your video.

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  • Time (2 Days)

We distribute your video infographic(s) through a network of partner sites including: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook ,Twitter, Behance, Vine, …