An infographic is a graphic visual representation of data that is used to present complex information quickly and clearly.
Also known as a data visualization, an infographic aims to inform its viewers of some content matter and explain it better..


Static infographic

With so many data and information on the Web today, simpler methods of data communication are needed. Infographics can deliver key information in the form of visuals.

Also known as static infographics, these visuals can include pie charts, maps, or anything in general that represents data in an easy-to-understand, visual manner. In many cases, data communication can transcend language.

A static infographic is, therefore, a term that refers to infographics that do not move. They are simple visual representations that communicate key data to the viewer.

With animation

A new way to boost a standard static infographic is to incorporate some animations inside.


Interactive infographic

As opposed to static infographics, interactive infographics are data visualizations that use animation and interactive components to communicate key information.

An example of an interactive infographic can be an interactive pie chart. Clicking on the pie chart, you can see even more critical or relevant information. That additional information may include more bar or pie charts as data illustrations.

Interactive data visualizations can take multiple forms. For one, it can look like an interactive map. This form of data visualization is often entertaining, enlightening, and easy-to-understand. Many companies opt to use interactive infographics in their online presences such as on their websites.


Animated infographic

There is tons of information on the Internet and in the real world. Infographics or data visualizations are used to capture and communicate key information clearly and effectively. The animated infographic is the best type of infographic for clear, effective data communication.

Animated infographics utilize animation techniques, also known as graphic motion techniques. Animations can be done using animated drawings, animated characters, 3D characters, videos, and more.

For illustration, consider the following. Say an artist makes a video instead of creating a regular pie chart. He or she then uses animation to bring the video to life, making it interesting and engaging. This method is often a very entertaining way of learning and gathering information.


Different uses for an infographic


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